Instructional Tools

Need help with your bassoon section?  Want to start up a bassoonist in your program, but have no idea where to start?  Feel free to contact me anytime to set up coachings/sectionals/lessons for your students. Save the bassoon!

Having trouble recalling what you learned about bassoon playing in your woodwind methods class?  Check out the site Music and the Bassoon.  It is an incredible website that offers many instructional videos and other resources.

Fingering Charts

Many of the "general band books" out there show incorrect bassoon fingerings.  Start your budding bassoonists out on the right path with the fingering charts below.


Is your bassoon section not sounding too hot?  One of the biggest changes you can make is switching your bassoonists over to high quality, handmade reeds.  Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference!

Dr. Dale Clark's handmade reeds are some of the best out there!  I recommend his Style A or R reeds.   

Check out RFReeds handmade by Rae Feldcamp.  She is a South Georgia region professional bassoonist that makes and sells high quality, affordable bassoon reeds.  Get the Professional bassoon reed.

Feeling adventurous?  Get Christopher Weait's "Improve your bassoon reed" DVD to learn how to fix up store bought bassoon reeds.  Quite a manageable instructional length (16 minutes) and the techniques are very doable for music educators!

© 2019 Shannon Lowe (photo cred: Bryan Garris)

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